Monday, September 3, 2012

May be...May be Not

Reasons dude wants to stay batchelor all his life & live like a King:
  1. Barney (How I Met Your Mother).
  2. Charlie (Two and a Half Men).
  3. Porn.
  4. Being able to blow all his fat IT salary all by himself on 18000 INR Diesel Jeans.
  5. Lots & lots & lots of girls!
  6. WhatsApp.
  7. Valentines Day.

Reasons dude might want to commit someday & settle:

  1. First 15 minutes of "Up" (the movie) & Michael Giacchino's sound-track.
  2. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless mind (the movie).
  3. Porn.
  4. His Mom n Dad's Marriage.
  5. A "girl"!
  6. Tere Bina Jiya Jaye Naa (Singer: Lata Picturized on: Rekha Movie: Ghar)
  7. Diwali.
  8. Once his best friend was back from US after 6 months & his girl hugged him for like 25 minutes!!!



  1. Sounds like an awfully good exercise!
    I dunno about les'autre chicks, the reason I would like to stay a bachelerotte my whole life
    1)Gerry(p.s wala), Jessi(Before sunset)don't exist and Bale is married.
    2)Je deteste you do this/you do this not
    3)Lots and lots and lots of guys(Gimme hi-five!)
    4)Freedon to leave anytime anywhere without having to tell a single word
    5)The way Smita ended up

    And why I would like to commit someday
    1)I am highly optimistic. I do believe Jerry, Jessi exist. I just have to keep looking. Bale if out of question though.
    2)Sharing that too for a long term sounds like an good idea.
    3)Eventually, you get fade up of loneliness/solitude whatever fancy name you give to it.
    4)Up didn't come to my mind, my mind was full with Sam and Molly, Harry and Sally

    1. Shraddhos,
      I feel happy if You, Alhad & everybody is coming up with their own version of pros & cons :)
      My purpose on the earth is SERVED!!!

      5)The way Smita ended up
      ...No words but I know u hear me!

  2. That makes me crazy!
    More reasons of getting married/getting a girl are getting applied to me...

    But cant leave porn and dearth of good (read sensible) girls among those many girls around!

  3. AM, I feel if u negotiate cleverly ;) u can stay commited & still access porn ...

    However about 2 nd thing:
    Believe me when I say this,
    There will be a point when u will have to choose between "a girl" & "girls"!!!
    & chances are you will have to make up your mind within a night.

    Not scaring you just sharing :)

    & I am sure with "Reading/Writing" besides u ; u will land up on ur feet alright!!!