Monday, June 8, 2009

Rules of Love (Learnt the hard way :))

Note: Just for the sake of convinience all these rules noted down are generally stated from Guys point of view however they apply to Boys , Girls , Straight , Bi's , Gays everyone !

Rule no.1: Neva Eva Steal anyone from anyone: No matter what much u like a person hot he/she is

Rationale: Simple how would u feel if someone hits on ur girlfriend ??

Rule no.2: Keeping up with rule no. 1 above no one I mean no one is outta ur league

No matter How rich beautiful talented she is go for her my man long as ur feelings are true & she is single :)

Rationale: Lady (!)Luck always favors the brave or the stupid or the both :)

Rule no.3A: Some times she can be gem of a person,very warm, very caring...but its very important that she loves u atleast fare amount

Only being very good at heart with no or little feelings for u is not going to help in the long run !

Rationale: Remember this filmy dialog "Maine Tumhe uss nazaron se kabhi dekhaa hi nahi"

Rule no.3B: Rule 3 A's corollary is also true she might be head over heels in love with u ....suckkka for u ..crazy for u ..but what if she is a terrorist or serial killer ??

Rationale: Remember "Fanna" the movie ??

So basically its Rule 3 A AND 3 B both should hold fairly true so that u can have a good to great relationship !!!

Rule no.4: If u can fart in front of member of opp. sex & that person is not ur Parent or sibling ..u guys are in great comfort zone with each other ...take it to next level i mean relationship not farting hahahha:)

Actually it 's not that I am saying something radical or ground breaking here

Brad Pitt when comited to Jennifer Aniston already said the exactly same thing :

"Best part is I can fart in bed with Jenny around" those were his exact words :)

Rationale: That means u guys are way past the stage of always looking nice ..what u have is way stronger & more beautiful :)

Warning: It's a great indication of chemistry but u never know ...for ur Reference Brad & Jennifer are not together any more !