Saturday, August 4, 2012


Its about time I reveal this to the world:
There is some one in my life.
Someone smart sexy & with too much of power.
But then it's 2012 & today's man is not afraid of too much power in his partner right?

Also interestingly I am not the first man in her life!
she was in fact with my best friend Avi before we started seeing each other.
But then again it's 2012 & "Virgin" only applies to drinks with tiny umbrellas & no alcohol content (Boooring) :D

But now we are almost inseparable,
I take her everywhere.
We keep fooling around in bohemian ecstacy...
Doing too much PDA to peoples dismay!
In fact once my night watchman caught me kissing her but being thorough gentleman he is..he chose to ignore.

So boyz n girlz without much further ado...I give y'all